Roberto Cavalli108. I HAVE SO MANY LOVERS…

The wife is my first line… ROBERTO CAVALLI
The lover that I loved for a long time, whose embers where allowed to cool but have now burst into flame is JUST CAVALLI…
My last flirtation is CLASS…

Joking aside! My love for JUST CAVALLI is really special. My greatest desire is to reach out to the young and let them understand me…

Just Cavalli

It is a growing challenge. Today’s young people are very savvy. They know about fashion and have very clear ideas about what they want.

I reached my great success with a very young and sexy collection that broke the barrier of monotonous minimalism! My idea of inventing the jeans with stretch fabric made me known and praised around the world.

The strength of my collection was fun and helped introduce you to the person of your dreams!

Collections without age from 15 to 100 years!
I discovered this magical chemistry in the new collection JUST CAVALLI which I presented today to the “addetti ai lavori” [a close circle of people who work in the fashion field].
In a few days there will be an official presentation to the press!

I’m excited. For some time I was not so satisfied. But the final judgment will be yours… “lo temo molto” [I am anxious doesn’t quite capture it]

I have satisfied myself. I consider it a good result!
“Ho mangiato tanta moda nella mia vita…” I have eaten so much fashion in my life… dressed in a thousand different ways…!

Creating this JUST CAVALLI collection has engaged and amused me… it is cool… young… fun… SEXY!

Deep down I am sure you will like it!

Roberto Cavalli
Just Cavalli
Just Cavalli

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    mi piace il leopardo plissettato… e quella striscia nera sul fianco… come al solito gli accessori sono GENIALI, muoio dalla voglia di vederli da vicino… il video mi ha ricordato una cosa – ADORO quei foulard lunghissimi, qualche mese fa ne ho comprato uno BELLISSIMO al outlet Castel Romano e sarei molto curiosa di vedere tutta la collezione di quella stagione, magari cosi troverei qualche idea nuova per abbinarlo. Qualchuno potrebbe dirmi di quale stagione é? Lo potete vedere cliccando sulla mia foto… Grazie in anticipo!!!

  2. Tobias
    Tobias says:

    Hello Roberto,… Buon giorno!

    I only have one big question,… in this years “Just cavalli – Men”… Spring/Summer 2012 collection,…
    I loved so much all the men’s jeans in metallic-styles,… specially the silver-metallic jeans and also the copper-metallic,.. also I loved the funky silver shoes/sneakers that the guys did wear at the runway show.

    Here are the pic links from Style.com:

    But I’m very sad that these “Just cavalli” men items are NOT in the online-shop.
    I wanted to buy a couple of items, these metallic-jeans, shoes, shirts, and maybe also that black jacked,… from this years men summer collection at the “Just Cavalli” online shop (powered by YOOX, S.p.A) ,
    but these items were never at the shop.

    Now the season is almost over and I’m very sad :(((

    I also tried to call the distributor “Staff Internation, S.p.A.” and their local distributors offices in the German language areas,… Germany, Düsseldorf, and also in Austria, Salzburg… and also Switzerland, Zurich.
    Nobody could really confirm me if these items from the men Just cavalli SS-2012 collection have ever been available for customers, or if they were only promotional items for the advertising campaign. So I’m still very sad, because until now I couldn’t buy them :(((

    If some good soul could tell me where in Europe i could get these items,…
    I would probably jump into the air like Lupo….

    wish the Roberto family & Lupo…a great Sunday,…

  3. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli thank you for sharing the photos! Can’t wait to see your new Just Cavalli collection! I feel it will be something incledible!!! The accessories are perfect for young people, so fresh and sexy! I love the way you talk about your fashion lines, it’s so touching..
    Mr. Cavalli I enjoyed watching the video of Just Cavalli Spring/Summer 2012.. All the clothes are so nice but most of all i like those glamorous sparkling pants.. The interior is quite unusual for the fashion shows in my opinion. The lay-out is such a labyrinth to me. If i was one of those models I would definitely get there lol The music is great, it reflects the idea and the the spirit of the collection.
    Looking forward for your next post!
    Mr. Cavalli always remember that you are the one!

    Kisses and hugs

    I ♥ LOVE ♥ YOU


  4. frøydis Gambino
    frøydis Gambino says:

    Buonasera Mr Cavalli,Che divertimento,amo la sua nouva collezione JUST CAVALLI,(anche che sono 50 )Mi piache i colori,specialmente la giacca in rosa ,e anche i abiti lungi sono belissimi.Cavalli sei sempre unico di stile,amo cavalli!!!!!!!!!!Salute Frøydis al nord

  5. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!
    Io, da profano della moda quale sono, devo dire che mi piace molto il tuo stile e mi piace molto quello che fai!
    Ora questa te le devo raccontare davvero….. 🙂
    Questo WE sono venuti a trovarmi dei miei amici americani, e li ho portati a fare un giro di Firenze.
    Sono rimasti estasiati dalla nostra bellissima città, il Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, il Centro, ecc. ecc. ma a un certo punto la ragazza mi ha detto “Please,i’m a huge fan of Roberto Cavalli, please take me to his Shop in Florence….i wanna see it!!”, cioè praticamente hanno fatto le stesse decine di migliaia di foto (anzi forse qualcuna in più) che hanno fatto al duomo, ecc. ecc…. al Caffè Giacosa e al tuo negozio! 🙂
    Ecco, questo è l’effetto che crei! Grande!! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.

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