Roberto Cavalli Group and Pragma Group Announce the Opening of a Cavalli Caffè in Beirut


Roberto Cavalli is pleased to announce that he will be in Beirut on the 4th of January 2013 to celebrate the opening of the Cavalli Caffè. 

With an inside capacity of around eighty guests, the exclusive location will be situated in the Karagulla Building, within the immediate proximity of the Beirut Souks, the business district and the famous nightlife district overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

In the Cavalli Caffè a boutique shop will offer the possibility to purchase a wide range of imported Italian delicacies, such as chocolate gift boxes, Cavalli Reserve red Wine, Cavalli Premium Italian Vodka and Grappa. 

The Cavalli Caffè will offer a mouthwatering selection of the finest Italian cuisine. Suitable for morning brunches, trendy lunches, lounged afternoons and glamorous evenings, it will attract the most important clients of the elite Lebanese society.  Cavalli’s signature creative touch can be seen in the zebra and giraffe prints, in the fashionable chairs and sofas, in the crystal lamps as well as other striking details of the contemporary interior. 

The Cavalli Caffè experience finds its roots in the historical Cavalli Caffè Giacosa, located in Via Tornabuoni in Florence, an antique shop founded in 1815, which was a meeting place for a refined and noble Florentine clientele, which Roberto Cavalli brought back to life, preserving the elegance of the setting. 

“Experiencing the enjoyment of exquisite food and surrounded by pleasant company, sipping a delicious cup of Italian coffee… this is the Cavalli Caffè philosophy. My desire was to transmit my deep passion for beauty and sensuality in a hospitality project … I believe Beirut will rapidly become a big fan of Cavalli Caffè”, said Roberto Cavalli, Chairman of Roberto Cavalli Group.

“We are delighted to be expanding the Cavalli Caffè concept into Beirut with our patron Roberto Cavalli. He is truly and inspiration to us all and Cavalli Caffè in Beirut is the epitome of his style and charisma which is reflected in the high quality ingredients and design of the dishes, along with the decor and ambiance of the venue, bespoke music, and boutique offering. We are very excited to extend the Cavalli lifestyle experience in Beirut and foresee much future collaboration in this vibrant city” said Joe Tabet, Chairman of Pragma Group.

The Roberto Cavalli Group already operates a Cavalli Club in Dubai, the Just Cavalli Club in Milan, the Cavalli Caffè Giacosa in Florence and the latest Cavalli Caffè in New Delhi. The next Cavalli Caffè openings are expected to be in Kuwait City, Doha and Shanghai. The opening of a Cavalli Club in Miami is scheduled for Spring 2013. 

About Roberto Cavalli
Launched in the early 1970s, the Roberto Cavalli Group is one of the most renowned and respected “Made in Italy” brands due to the creativity and stylistic innovation that has always distinguished its clothes, its shoes and its bags. The Roberto Cavalli Group is active on Italian and international markets with the first line “Roberto Cavalli”, with the casual and young line “Just Cavalli”, with the signature line “CLASS Roberto Cavalli” and a younger collection for teens “Roberto Cavalli Junior”. All of these collections, dedicated to both women and men, are complemented by a wide range of products manufactured by licensees, which include among others: silk and cashmere accessories, eyewear, watches, perfumes, underwear and swimwear.
During 2012, Roberto Cavalli has also launched the line “Roberto Cavalli Home” collection featuring the Cavalli world in the fields of furniture, textiles, art-de-la-table, Murano glass, carpets, wallpaper and ceramics.
The products of Roberto Cavalli Group are distributed in Italy and worldwide through an extensive network of 156 flagship stores that counts: 86 Roberto Cavalli (of which 38 owned), 37 Just Cavalli boutiques, 26 CLASS Roberto Cavalli boutiques, 7 Roberto Cavalli Junior, as well as a wide network of multi-brand shops.

About Pragma Group
Pragma Group is an organization that balances the art and science of business. Focusing on two essential areas of today’s modern world, lifestyle and technology, Pragma Group blends skill and investment to grow brands within these two industries using the most effective business models and partnerships to make it happen.
Smart and successful, Lebanon-based Pragma Group has worked with international partners to launch concepts in the Middle East over the past seven years, as well as build a number of businesses from the ground up, creating a well-structured family of companies.
Having a strong eye for opportunities, Pragma Group has also put its management team to further use by nurturing the growth and development of young, new ventures that promised great potential. With unsurpassed experience garnered over many years in the Middle East, Pragma Group offers sustainable success for its businesses, partners and investors from around the region and the world.
Pragma Group owns and operates the following brands: LS2-Pluto, Cavalli Club, Restaurant & Lounge, Bo House, Health Factory, Epicure, Lina’s Café, Le Talleyrand and the newly launched nightlife venue, Cirque Du Soir.

For more info:
Cavalli Caffè Beirut
Address: Beirut Central District, 24 Park Avenue, Karagulla Building
Tel. 01/ 999 334 and 03/006311
Opening Hours: 09:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Roberto Cavalli Group
Roberto Cavalli Press Office
Piazza San Babila, 3
20121 Milano
Tel: +39. 02 7630 371 

Cavalli Caffè Beirut

Cavalli Caffè Beirut

Cavalli Caffè Beirut

Cavalli Caffè Beirut

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